welcome to Incommunities

Welcome to the Incommunities website which has been designed in consultation with our customers. We welcome any suggestions and value your feedback about the website. You can submit your feedback by using the website feedback form found under contact.

Incommunities office opening times are Monday to Friday 8.45am to 4.30pm.

Incommunities is one of the largest social housing providers in the UK. We provide affordable, high quality homes, principally for rent in neighbourhoods across the Bradford District.

We currently own nearly 21,300 homes for rent and have almost 1,000 leasehold properties.

We offer a range of housing options and services aimed at meeting the needs of our local communities and employ approximately 1,000  people and operate with a turnover of £84 million per year.


Value for Money (VFM)

Incommunities is committed to taking a Value for Money (VFM) approach to reducing costs, improving efficiency and increasing customer satisfaction. VFM is at the heart of everything Incommunities does.

Our VFM Strategy is integral to our Strategic Plan and its five core themes. To download our 2015/16 self-assessment please click on the button below: