equality & diversity

Incommunities is committed to equality we have developed an equality strategy that has been designed to build upon our achievements, by:

Developing new and innovative ways in which to engage with customers from diverse backgrounds.

Listening to customers views and implement services to ensure that Incommunities “recognise people’s different needs, situations and goals and remove the barriers that limit what people can do and can be” (Fairness and Freedom Report 2007).

We are committed to treating all our customers fairly and work within the confines of the Equality Act 2010 taking into account the protected characteristics outlined within the act:

In order for us to meet this challenge we must ensure our staff have knowledge and awareness of equality and diversity issues.

We will continue to provide our employees with training and development on equality issues, especially relating to the specific protected characteristics as identified within the 2010 Equality Act.

Incommunities has some detailed customer information that has been crucial in developing the key priorities highlighted within the Equalities Delivery Plan. The key priorities have been developed following consultation with existing and potential customers, partnership work and stakeholder discussions.

Our equality strategy will drive forward our equality priorities and help us to meet the challenges over the next three years.

  • we held our first Equality Forum on the 31st October 2013 at The Quays Shipley

We will be discussing our current strategy action plan and planning for our next equality strategy. This will be a customer led forum and if you require any further details please contact Jayne Booth

  • by telephone on tel: 01274 254143

We have developed a variety of ways to encourage our customers to provide us with information about the services they receive. This information helps us improve our services to be accessible to all our customers.

We have several customer groups in place that help us look at specific equality issues. The groups that support us to do this are:

  • the senior voice (supporting the housing needs of older customers)
  • the youth forum (supporting the housing needs of younger customers)
  • Fair Access and Inclusion Group (Supporting our Black and Minority Ethnic customers) customer inspectors who represent a wide spectrum of the protected characteristics







We also attend equality groups within the Bradford District and work in partnership to ensure that we work collectively with other groups that represent the diversity of communities within Bradford.

to find out more please contact Jayne Booth on tel: 01274 254143 or email at: jayne.booth@incommunities.co.uk