our office and service contact details

All 0845 telephone numbers are charged at your local rates.

Contact our Repairs Hotline (24 Hour) service on telephone: 01274 257003

If you have a rent enquiry contact the Income Team on telephone: 01274 254777





The Quays
Victoria Street
Shipley BD17 7BN
telephone: 01274 254000 or 0845 120 8171
email: enquiry@incommunities.co.uk

for directions download The Quays map.

City House Office
City House
Bradford BD1 4HR
telephone: 01274 257777
email: commerce.enquiry@incommunities.co.uk

Keighley Office
6-14 Devonshire Street
Keighley BD21 2DG
telephone: 01274 257777
email: aw.enquiry@incommunities.co.uk

Able living
able living is a specialist bespoke design and adaptations service and install aids to help our customers to gain independence in their homes.. Click here to find out more.

The Quays
Victoria Street
Shipley BD17 7BN
telephone: 01274 254010
email: able.living@openmoves.co.uk
visit: http://able-living.incommunities.co.uk/

Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) Hotline
Contact us if you need help dealing with Anti-Social Behaviour.
telephone: 01274 254274

We undertake all customer repairs and manage the repairs service hotline.

The Quays
Victoria Street
Shipley BD17 7BN
telephone: 01274 257003

Estate and Support Services
Call us if you have an enquiry relating to care-taking, CCTV, cleaning, door entry systems, empty homes, fly-tipping litter and rubbish, garage sites, graffiti, grass cutting, hedges and shrubberies, lifts, play areas, snickets paths and walkways or trees.

Estate and Support Services
Ravenscliffe Avenue
Bradford BD10 0JJ
telephone: 01274 257990
outside office hours call the:
Repairs Service Hotline: 01274 257003

Leasehold and Home Ownership
telephone: 01274 254275 or 254260
fax: 01274 25 4015
email: leasehold.management@incommunities.co.uk

We can provide a total building solutions package for social and private housing landlords and other service providers and can meet your specialist construction needs.

The Quays
Victoria Street
Shipley BD17 7BN
telephone: 01274 257505 0r 0845 245 4001
email: propertysolutions@incommunities.co.uk


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