customer involvement promises 2013-2015

Customers are at the heart of our business and we believe that by working together with you will enable services to be delivered in the way you want them. The involvement of customers into policies and performance helps Incommunities to check and improved the way it conducts its day-to-day business.

Our strategic objective is to develop service improvement in line with customer needs. We are aware of the diversity and the changing needs of our customers and are dedicated to engaging and listen to the views of all our customers. We actively encourage customers to be involved and to provide feedback on the way services are provided.

Incommunities is committed to listening to the views of customers and acting upon customer recommendations and wants to improve lives for customers living in our neighbourhood areas. Detailed below is how we will be taking involvement forward over the next two years.

involvement aims and priorities for 2013-2015

The aims and priorities listed below will be delivered by the Customer Insight and Involvement Team over the next 12 months.  All staff members at Incommunities are committed to embedding customer involvement and will be made aware of how involvement helps to shape services by means of briefing, training and information shared by the Customer Insight and Involvement Team.

who can get involved?

Anyone who is a customer of Incommunities such as a tenant, leaseholder, shared owner, resident or any person living in our accommodation.

why we involve our customers

  • to improve our services to meet the needs of our neighbourhoods
  • to be accountable to the customers that use our services
  • to increase customer satisfaction
  • to become more effective, efficient and economical and achieve good Value for Money
  • to meet the regulators consumer standard for involvement, neighbourhood, tenancy and home

We encourage all customers to actively get involved and there are various ways in which you could do this, i.e through setting up setting up a tenant and resident group or by attending an estate walkabout or being involved in local area planning consultations. Please contact a member of the Customer Involvement Team for further information or if you need a copy of the ‘Tenants Leading Change’ and we will send a copy out to you in the post or you can download it by clicking here

our aims and priorities 2013-2015


We will continue to develop the process customers use to scrutinise our services and performance. This will ensure we perform against the four consumer standards.

equalities groups

Incommunities Group Ltd is proud to be a partner in a multi-cultural community. We value diversity and will ensure that we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect. In order for us to achieve our equality objectives we have held focus group meetings with customers from a diversity of backgrounds and will be setting up an equalities goup. This will help us shape our services to ensure they are accessible to all.

social media

To ensure Facebook and Twitter is used as a tool for involvement. This will be administered in a friendly and professional way creating events and consultations.

digital inclusion

We recognise that some of our customers do not have the means to get online. Our aim is for all customers to have the choice to be supported in the opportunity of accessing online facilities by 2015. This will help customers apply for benefits, find better deals on utilities and have greater access to employment opportunities.

further training opportunities

We will provide training to support all levels of involvement to enhance customer skills

develop a training academy for Customer Inspectors

To further develop a comprehensive training academy to up-skill Customer Inspectors to enable them to scrutinise services and make recommendations for improvement.

For further information about our involvement priorities please contact the Customer Insight and Involvement Team on 01274 254749.