How we help you become involved

Incommunities have a comprehensive support package to ensure all customers can get involved and we reimburse customers for out of pocket expenses.  We want to make it easy as possible for you to be involved.  We can offer support you, whether you are getting involved as an individual or as a group.  This means that all customers have access to the same level of support, even if that support is given in different ways. 

We can help with things such as:

  • we will provide free post envelopes to encourage you to complete questionnaire
  • we will reimburse car mileage if you attend an event in your own car
  • we will reimburse your cost for public transport
  • if you are unable to attend an event in your own car or via public transport we will provide you with a taxi, however, this is an expensive option so we would encourage you to use public transport or your own car if possible
  • we will provide refreshments if you attend an event.  This will be determined at the time of the meeting, i.e. buffet will only be provided if over a meal time period
  • we will provide Public Liability Insurance free of charge for our tenants and residents groups. We will provide financial support to our tenants and residents groups
  • we will pay for childcare/carer allowance to allow you to attend an event
  • we will pay out of pocket expenses
  • we will provide the necessary training to enable customers to be involved
  • we will provide staff for support and guidance where necessary