join a tenants and residents association

A tenants and residents association is a group of people who get together to discuss issues that may be affecting the area where they live. Some groups might want to focus on housing issues, such as repairs or empty properties, whilst others might have an interest in other community issues, such as the environment or crime.

Some groups are formal and have an agreed set of rules (known as a constitution) and this means they can apply for funding from Incommunities to help them run.

You might not want to set up a formal group and want to operate on your own. Whatever option you choose, you can still receive advice and support from Incommunities’ Customer Insight and Involvement Team.

If there isn’t a group near to where you live and you want to set one up, please have a look at the tenants and residents group guidance leaflet.

Tenants and Residents Group Guidance

If you would like anymore information or have any questions, then we will be happy to hear from you. Please contact the Customer Insight and Involvement Team on tel: 01274 257228, 257755, 257227 or email