youth forum

Set up in September 2012, the Youth Forum is our way of involving young people aged 13 – 25 years old. The Youth Forum ensures our future young customers have a voice and are encouraged to be actively involved.

The aim of the Youth Forum is to engage with young people in a fun and interactive way to seek their views on the services we provide and the things that affect them.

The Youth Forum is set up with the intention of motivating young people to get involved. Some decisions taken by adults affect young people so we feel it is very important to engage with customers from this age group.

Our Youth Forum meets bi-monthly and is fully supported by our involvement team.

what you can expect from us

We will:

  • respect and treat you in an equal manner
  • involve all customers and groups across the diversity strands to reflect the local population
  • provide help and assistance for customers to engage in our work
  • ensure that meetings take place in rooms that are DLA compliant
  • provide refreshments if meetings run over lunchtime
  • provide transport for customers who have mobility issues and reimburse any travel expenses to encourage involvement

what we expect from our involved customers

We expect:

  • customers to treat staff and other customers with respect
  • all our involved customers to contribute to meetings and consultations and give us their views on policies and services
  • customers to let other customers have their say and respect that everyone has different levels of knowledge and experiences

Interested? Then text Pam on 07795 521477 (start your text with YF) or find us facebook by clicking here

To have your say on issues affecting you click on the following link or if you want to know more tel: 01274 257227 or text 07795 521477 (start your text with YF)