We provide affordable, high quality homes, principally for rent in neighbourhoods across the Bradford District.  We currently manage more than 21,500 homes and nearly 1,000 leasehold properties. We are able to offer a variety of housing options to suit our customers.


If you want to rent a home with us you will need to register on our Value-Based letting system. To do this we need you to call 01274 257777

When you register we will need some details from you

  • Name
  • Address
  • Family details
  • Income details
  • Support needs
  • Where you would like to live
  • What sort of property you would prefer
  • When you would like to move in



Once we have gathered these details we will try to match you with a property that suits your needs. Our team will contact you to go over your details and make sure that its right for you.

If we don’t have anything at the time – don’t worry! We are constantly updating our properties. We will contact you if a suitable property becomes available.

We do also have a selection of properties available now via Right Move and also our Property Shop. Feel free to browse, if you are interested in a property call our team on 01274 257777 and register.