Homelessness means not having a home. Even if you have a roof over your head you can still be homeless. This is because you may not have any rights to stay where you live or your home might be unsuitable for you.

You could become homeless for many different reasons. These could include:

  • being evicted by your landlord
  • fleeing violence or harassment
  • health problems
  • relationship problems
  • a disaster such as fire or flooding

If you are homeless, or worried about becoming homeless, you should get advice as early as you can. The earlier you get advice, the less likely you are to become homeless.

To get advice you can contact Bradford Council’s Housing Options Service:

homeless out of hours

  • homeless? Phone our out-of-hours contact number (evenings, weekends and holiday periods)
  • If you are facing homelessness out of hours and need assistance, a telephone referral service is available on tel: 01274 257600