focus on… Council Tax support

In April 2013, Council Tax Benefit is being abolished and replaced by new localised schemes run by local councils.

The Government currently pays councils’ back in full for everything they pay out to low income residents in Council Tax Benefit, but this will change.

From April 2013 Government financial support will be reduced by ten per cent, which would leave Bradford with a shortfall of around £5 million.

Under Bradford Council’s new replacement scheme everyone of working age will have to pay some Council Tax. Entitlement for the Council Tax Reduction scheme will be worked out on the basis of 75 per cent of the household’s Council Tax liability, instead of the one hundred per cent that is currently used.

The calculation of the Council Tax Reduction scheme will be means tested and broadly follow the current rules of Council Tax Benefit.

Pensioners will not be affected by these changes but they could affect everyone else of working age who receives help with their Council Tax.

To find out more on Government’s are introducing new rules which will allow councils in England to design their own Council Tax support schemes click here

 If you would need advice on how the changes could affect you please tel: 01274 254943