how to become a board member

Incommunities Group has a number of Boards, all with a slightly different business focus, but all collectively taking responsibility for the strategic direction of the Group. This means making sure that the Group achieves its aims, and meets its responsibilities, whilst ensuring that its values are not compromise.

Some of our Board Members receive remuneration, but charity law means that Members of Incommunities Foundation Ltd can’t currently be remunerated.

All our Board Members are able to claim out of pocket expenses.


Membership on any of our Boards is open to our tenants, and we have 3 reserved places for tenants on our Incommunities Ltd Board.

The membership of the board is as follows:

Time commitment

It is essential that our Board Members are able to commit sufficient time to the role. There are usually 6 board meetings each year and at least one annual away weekend. We also hold a number of training events a throughout the year. Background preparation time for meetings and events should also be factored into any decision to apply for Membership.

Becoming a Board Member

Vacancies for our Board Members are usually advertised externally and on this website. In addition, vacancies for Tenant Board Members are usually advertised in the newsletter that is sent to all tenants.

We also have a number of other opportunities for our Tenants to be involved in shaping our services.


Current Board Member Vacancies




If you would like to know more about becoming a Board Member in the Incommunities Group please contact the Corporate Governance Team on 01274 254245 for a discussion and more detailed information.