Buildingservices what we do

dealing with repairs

Buildingservices deals with all customer repairs.  If you need to make a repair request please go to the  repairs page.

We are committed to providing a high quality 24 hour responsive service.  If you make a repair request we will offer you an appointment for all internal works to your home; these can be to your convenience between the following times;

8:00am  – 1:00pm ( morning )
8:00 am – 4:30pm ( all-day )
9:30am  – 2:30pm ( school run )
12 noon  – 4:30pm ( afternoon )

early evening appointments

Monday to Thursday               Friday                                  Saturday
4:00pm and 6:00pm                1.30pm and 4.30pm             8:00am – 12 noon

If you would like more information about common repair problems please refer to our repairs handbook which can be found in the publications…service leaflets page. 

our responsibilities

We are responsible for keeping the structure and exterior to your home in good repair and for maintaining heating, sanitation and service installations. Our responsibilities cover fair wear and tear but not damage caused by customers, other residents or their visitors. We are also only responsible for those installations fitted by us.

our repair timescales

emergency – within 24 hours
This is for all jobs where there is a danger to life. Including severe flooding, burst pipes, blocked drains, no lights in entire dwelling.

urgent – within 7 calendar days
This is for jobs that require attention within 7 days but are not an emergency. This Includes having no hot water, no lights or heating in individual rooms.

routine – within 30 calendar days
This is for a whole range of routine repairs that do not fall into other priority categories. 

what can Buildingservices do?

Employing over 200 fully qualified trade operatives we carry out over 80,000 repair and maintenance jobs every year. The team can provide the full range of repair and maintenance functions including:-

  • electrical repairs
  • plumbing including gas installations
  • joinery plastering and internal works
  • windows and doors (plastic and wooden)
  • masonry, chimney and roof work

Buildingservices is registered with Gas Safe.

We also prepare void properties for re-letting to new customers.

Buildingservices specialist teams

In addition to the regular building trades Buildingservices has developed expertise in a number of building maintenance fields including:-

  • safe asbestos removal
  • communal door entry systems and CCTV
  • drainage services
  • damp treatment

In support of the service Buildingservices manages and operates a stores service which holds the full range of building maintenance materials and parts.

Our service is at the fore front of innovation and development using mobile working, electronic restocking and work scheduling. Our service is used by several organisations as a reference point for innovation and excellent practice.