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Legal Department


about me and why I chose this job

My name is Karen and I have been working at Incommunities since November 2015.  I started work on a temporary contract and worked within Building Services and then moved to the Legal Department.  My contract came to an end at the beginning of July 2017 but luckily I had applied for the role of Paralegal within the Legal Department, had an interview and was offered the job, so I came back to Incommunities just over two weeks after I left!


training and qualifications

Alongside many secretarial qualifications, I hold a NEBSM (National Examinary Board for Supervisory Management) and Prince 2 qualifications.  I will shortly be starting work on a Paralegal - CILEx Level 3 Diploma in Providing Legal Services qualification.


about my job

My main duties include managing data/records on behalf of the Legal Department, undertaking reviews of documents/contracts and making appropriate amendments or to summarise the content, handling confidential and sensitive information in an appropriate manner and taking a lead and actively participating in projects as allocated.  The current project I am working on is around the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) which comes into effect in May 2018 and making sure that Incommunities are compliant with the law around data; how it is held, stored, shared, used.  This will affect all employees of all UK companies who hold data.  If companies fail to comply with the new regulations, fines of €20 million or 4% of turnover for a breach of the GDPR can be applied!!


what I enjoy most

I enjoy the diversity of the role and the interesting subject matter that I deal with.


what I least enjoy

This is a hard one!  I really enjoy my role but if pushed I would say scanning documents as it isn’t the most exciting task to do.  However, once done, it is very satisfying to know that the data I have scanned will be held in a safe and secure environment and I can help to fill up the Confidential Waste cabinet.


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Building Services Operatives


About me and why I chose this job

My name is Carla, and I have been working at Incommunities since September 2014. I began my career at Incommunities as a painter & decorator and I am now in training to become a NVQ qualified plasterer.


Training & qualifications

I have an NVQ level 2 qualification in painting and decorating and I am currently at college one day a week working towards an NVQ level 2 in plastering. I am hopefully going to attend college to carry out an NVQ level 3 in plastering next year.


About my job

I currently work on the voids team in building services working alongside my mentor carrying out plaster works in the empty properties, making sure they are of a high standard ready for the customers to move into their new homes. I work within a very friendly team, who are helping me to progress in my new role as a plasterer. I feel that the experience my team have, is helping me expand my skills in plastering.


What I enjoy most

The thing I enjoy the most about my role is the job satisfaction I receive knowing I have helped to make some ones new house a home. I feel this is all part of Incommunities visions and values such as Improving lives Incommunities. I enjoy the daily challenges that are presented to me and I feel that I always deal with these to the best of ability.


What I least enjoy

What I least enjoy about my job is winter, sometimes it can get cold working in the empty property’s and it is dark in a morning and dark at home time.    


Organisation is the key

I feel it is a very hectic and demanding role within the voids team, I enjoy the fact that it keeps me busy. The team I work with are very well organised which helps with the smooth running of this department. I believe that team Work is the key when it comes to working on the voids 


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Field Manager


about me and why I chose this job

My name is Leigh Binns and I am currently the Field Manager for the Keighley and Aire-Wharfe day-to-day repair team.  I joined Incommunities in April 2013 as an electrician for the voids team. 

Whilst working in the voids team, I decided I wanted to further my career and applied to study my HNC in Construction and the Built Environment (Building Services Engineering).

At the beginning of 2017 the vacancy of ‘field manager’ was advertised and I knew this was my opportunity in moving forward for both my personal and career development.  I felt ready for something new with more responsibility and believed I had the qualities to lead, delegate and be a success.


about my job

Every day is completely different!  My role entails looking after sixteen operatives which includes joiners, plumbers, plasterers, painters and gas engineers which carry out a wide range of day-to-day repairs.

I oversee complaints received from tenants and visit properties to try and establish their needs and find a solution.

I meet all walks of life on a day-to-day basis.  I love the challenge of turning a situation around and making a difference to both the community and company.


what I enjoy most

The thing I enjoy the most about my role is the variety it offers.


what I least enjoy

Probably the least thing I enjoy about the job is the size of my area and the driving it entails.


organisation is the key

My role is very busy and hectic and I have to be super organised to ensure the work is complete in a timely manner.


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Income Officer


about me and why I chose this job

My name is Phoebe, and I have been working at Incommunities since 2012. I began my career at Incommunities as a GEM, which promotes Graduates entry into Social Housing.  

My initial job was with the Estate Services Department where I helped develop the cleaning services to ensure that our customers with properties with communal areas received a cleaning service at the best Value for Money.

I began working as an Income Officer in May 2014.


training & qualifications

During my first year at Incommunities, I completed a Chartered Institute of Housing qualification in Housing Practice which helped me gained a better understanding of the current challenges in housing and develop the necessary skills to address these.

I further was able to complete a course in PTTLS (Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Sector) which not only helped me with my day to day role but developed into a programme delivering housing qualifications to students from local schools.


about my job

The main purpose of my job as an Income Officer is to collect rent, recover debt and to ensure customers are able to sustain their homes.

This involves a flexible approach to dealing with a geographical patch of customers at all stages of rent and debt recovery.  I am tasked with my own case management and I am accountable for how I organise my time most effectively.

The most important thing about my job is clearly communicating with customers what is required and expected of them to rectify any arrears on their account.

I work within a section of the organisations where team work and sharing best practice is essential based on changing regulations and benefit guidelines.


what I enjoy most

The thing I enjoy the most about my role is the reward of being able to assist people in difficult situation and help them to discover a solution to remaining in their homes,


what I  least enjoy

What I least enjoy about the job is having to progress cases to legal action.  My role is to help customer’s maintain their tenancy, however on occasion it becomes unavoidable to request possession of a property.  It is important to appreciate that the organisation is a ‘not for profit’ and we have to receive rent to be able to continue providing our services and homes.


coordination is the key

From visiting customers, answering calls or presenting court cases, you often have to think on your feet and recall a wealth of information to best support whoever your dealing with.  You need to be able to switch from one account to another and tailor your approach to produce the best outcome for the customer and the organisation.


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Environmental Services Operative


about me and why I chose this job

My name is Mark Fisk the idea of being outdoors, doing different physically demanding tasks each day was very appealing and of some interest to myself. Incommunities is a well known and respected Housing Association. It’s principles are based on helping and providing a better life, being part of that is what I liked and why I chose the job.


about my job

My job involves mainly outdoor work, carrying out gardening work for customers who cannot maintain their own gardens. This helps to keep the environment around the neighbourhoods where our customers live safe and neat and tidy.

I carry out tasks such as:

  1. Mowing
  2. Strimming
  3. Clearing grass clippings from pathways
  4. Weed Spraying

I play a very active role in all weathers within a team and each day is different and interesting.


what I enjoy most

I most enjoy providing a valuable service and at the end of each day having "job satisfaction" by learning new skills and gaining new experience from other workers, meeting members of the general public, getting my hands dirty and working hard.


what I  least enjoy

Doing my job when the weather is really bad but I still take pride in my work.


the funniest thing

I get on well with my work colleagues and have a laugh about all sorts of things.


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