Energy & Water

Energy & Water


Energy in the home

Save money on energy use in your home;

Register for The Priority Services Register (PSR) which is a free service provided by suppliers and network operators to customers in need. 


Keep warm in winter

There's a range of advice available if you struggle to keep warm in your home;

Heating system guides
These guides will give advice on how to use your energy equipment and prevent damp in your home;


All about water

Water bills are either fixed annually or metered according to your use. Find out more about the best option for you and how to get support in paying the bills;

  • WaterSure Scheme - Using water for medical reasons
  • WaterSupport - Low income and high water bills
  • Community Trust - What to do when in water arrears
  • Resolve Scheme - If you’re struggling to pay water bills and are receiving a state benefit.  To find out more and to apply call 0345 1 299299
  • Water Direct Scheme - Help when on income based benefits
  • Water Meters - Yorkshire Water