Equality & Diversity

The Incommunities Group is committed to the principle that all customers have the right to the same high standards of provision and services.

The Incommunities Group is committed to ensuring that all employees are treated with dignity and respect.ead

  • We are committed to equality and diversity and recognise the nine protected characteristics as defined by the Equality Act 2010
  • We will make sure that this policy complies with all legal, statutory and regulatory requirements
  • The Board and Executive Management Team are responsible for ensuring that commitment to equality and diversity is embedded within the organisation at all levels through the provision of regular training, briefings and the completion and reporting of Equality Analysis of strategies, policies, procedures and key decisions and service changes
  • They will provide clear and consistent messages on the principles of fairness, dignity and respect
  • We are committed to the recognition of equality and diversity in each of the nine protected characteristics, which enables people from all communities to achieve their potential and not be subject to prejudice and discrimination
  • We will seek to make sure that no unlawful or unfair discrimination takes place against an individual or a group directly or indirectly
  • We are committed to placing equality and diversity principles at the core of all of Incommunities Group business activities.

Download the policy : Equality and Diversity Policy 2017