Who Are We?

Incommunities Group is one of the largest social housing providers in the UK. The Group was formed as BCHT (Bradford Community Housing Trust) following the transfer of housing stock from Bradford Council in February 2003.

smiling receptionist at Incommunities

We have around 21,300 rented and 1,000 leasehold properties, a workforce of approximately 1,000 people, an estimated 50,000 customers, a Group turnover of close to £100m per year and balance sheet assets of over £420m.

When we formed in 2003 we laid strong foundations and established ourselves as a major player in the regeneration of the Bradford District. Subsequently, with the partnership with Sadeh Lok, based in Huddersfield, our focus has expanded beyond our roots in Bradford to the wider West Yorkshire region.


We are committed to making profit for a purpose - responding to change, evolving and innovating, developing new housing options and developing partnerships to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.  

Our Strategic Plan sets out how we aim to meet the challenges facing the sector and outlines our business objectives over the next decade.

These are:-

  • building financial strength
  • improving lives
  • growth through development and mergers
  • diversifying opportunities
  • developing our employees.

We firmly believe our success is linked to investing in our staff and showing strong leadership. 

As part of Strategic Plan we are committed to improving our Value for Money (VFM) performance and giving our customers good value.

Our VFM objectives are to reduce costs, improve our efficiency and release resources towards building new homes for local people, investing in customers’ homes and improving our services.

Each year we produce a VFM self-assessment showing how we performing against our objectives. To view the latest report click here.

We also provide regular updates on our performance so you know how we're investing your money. Click here to find out latest figures.