What are service charges?

Did you know that the rent we charge includes not only the basic rent for your home, but also the cost of other services we provide to your home and on your estate?  Incommunities provides a detailed break down of your rent payments into two parts; basic rent and service charges, which are shown on your rent statement. A service charge is for things such as the caretaking service, ground maintenance, communal lifts and door entry etc.


Service charges are calculated on a variable charge basis. This means that we base your charge on the cost of delivering the service. If we reduce costs, as we aim to do, these savings are passed on to you the following year by reducing your charge. If costs exceed expectations we will tell you why but the cost will be passed to you. This makes us accountable for the delivery of a quality service for the best price.

your rent statement

If you have any questions regarding your rent statement please contact our team  on 0330 175 9540