Fly Tipping

removing a mattress

We are committed to tackling instances of fly-tipping and working with you to keep your neighbourhood clean and tidy.

Dumping waste is a serious offence which can involve fixed penalty fines and even imprisonment. Vehicles used to fly-tip can be seized and crushed and the owners prosecuted.

Our estate teams will respond promptly to all reports of dumped waste on Incommunities land or left in communal areas.

To do this call our estate services on 01274 257990 or email If you see fly-tipping taking place please make a note of the location (nearest road), the time and date and if a vehicle is used please take down the registration number. All reports will be treated in the strictest confidence.

If you think the dumped rubbish is on private or council owned land, or by the road or path, please contact your local council.