Repair responsibilities

We want everyone to be clear about what Incommunities is responsible for and what customers are responsible for themselves – it’s a partnership after all.

Customers are responsible for:

Incommunities is responsible for:

You can find out more about what your responsibilities and what are Incommunities responsibilities on the expanding sections below.

Doors and lock furniture


Minor Repair Work



Replacement of lost keys

Fitting new locks and latches due to lost keys or damage not caused through normal wear and tear

Broken door panes caused by themselves, friends/family

Door adjustments for new flooring (unless fit by us)

Security chains and spy-holes

Personal fixtures and fittings


Personal Fixtures & Fittings



Coat hooks, curtains & curtain rails 


Minor plumbing


Minor Plumbing



Replacement plugs and chains to baths, wash-hand basins and baths

Initial un-blocking of sinks, toilets, baths and wash-hand basins using un-blocking agents and/or plungers etc.

Any Blockages to dishwashers and washing machines

Cleaning toilet pans

Isolating the water supply in the event of major leaks

Taking appropriate steps to prevent pipes from bursting in winter

WC seats, towel rails, toilet holders, bathroom mirrors





Ensuring that the property is properly heated and ventilated to prevent condensation and black mould growth

Ensuring that the property has enough background heat in winter to prevent pipes from bursting

Checking and adjusting heating controls including the Thermostat and timer 

Decoration, flooring and glazing


Decoration and minor plaster work



Decoration to all walls, woodwork and ceilings

Minor cracks to plaster works





Repairing and replacement of all flooring (vinyl, carpet, laminated floors etc

Screeding and floor levelling where needed





Reglazing broken or cracked windows by our customers, friends and/or family

Fitting of additional security measures such as sash jammers


External pipes and drainage


External Pipes & Drainage



Keeping gully grates clear of blockages 

Blocked gulleys






Replacement of all bulbs and tubes except for sealed bathroom units and external light fittings

Testing and cleaning of smoke detectors including    replacement batteries if not hard-wired

Replacement plugs and fuses for customer-owned appliances such as kettles and TVs

Domestic appliance faults and replacements such as cookers, fridges, ovens and dishwashers

Repair and replacement of customer-installed electric fittings

With guidance if necessary over the telephone, initial emergency isolation of the power supply in the event of an emergency

Emergency isolation of power

TV aerials and telephony


TV Aerials & Telephony



Installation of TV aerials, and satellite dishes and resolving signal issues - unless it is a supply to communal areas 

TV Aerial/internet/telephone sockets

Gardens, boundaries and balconies


Gardens, Boundaries & Balconies



Customers must keep their gardens and/or balconies tidy

Prevent animal fouling

Cease from lighting fires including or having BBQs on their balconies

Ensure that adequate fencing is insitu to prevent any dogs from escaping from their gardens (subject to formal consent or planning regulations)

Obtain written consent before planting/removing any trees in/from their gardens

Keep balconies free from anything that could be a danger to them or anyone who lives with them and any neighbours

Renew broken clotheslines or posts

Replace keys to any garages and/or sheds

Repair any fencing, patios, and steps provided by our customers

The repair or renewal of timber sheds, outbuildings or greenhouses

Washing lines and washing posts

Dividing fencing and gates

Communal areas


Communal Areas



Our customers and anyone who lives with them must help make sure that any communal areas are kept clean, tidy and clear of any obstruction

Dustbins and the removal of household rubbish

Adaptations and improvements

Customer must:

  • Allow reasonable access to the property to carry out repairs, annual safety checks, services and any inspections needed
  • Report to the police any criminal damage or break-ins
  • Remove personal items which prevent operatives from carrying out repairs to the home including floor covering.
  • Repair any alterations, installations, replacement fixtures fittings and extensions made by the customer themselves
  • Carry out any repairs after a mutual exchange has been agreed resulting from neglect, misuse, wilful or accidental damage of the previous customer Repair any alterations, installations, replacement fixtures and fittings and extensions made by the customer themselves

Any repair caused by neglect, vandalism, misuse, wilful or accidental damage by a customer, friends, pets or any visitors to the property