What is sustainability?

Sustainability is a concept that touches on many different aspects of our daily lives. The three main strands of sustainability consist of social, economic and environmental aspects; 

Social aspects would be things like creating neighbourhoods that thrive and where people want to live.

Economical aspects are things such as having fair wages and equal opportunities.

Environmental aspects include things like planting trees or heating homes using solar energy.

If all three aspects of life are sustainable, we can expect people, communities and the planet to remain healthy and productive for future generations.

How we can help to make a difference

The Incommunities Sustainability Team works with customers and colleagues to help you make savings in your household budget and take green choices where possible. We look at three things which affect us all like...

  • How to get best value and a fair deal with our money
  • How to make the most of social life in our communities
  • What we can do to improve the local environment and help the planet

Listed below we have some useful ideas to get you started, so have a look at the useful links and guides and join us in our sustainability drive!

  1. Energy & Water
  2. Waste & Recycling
  3. Nature & Food
  4. Travel & Health
  5. Conscious Shopping

Get in touch with us

Contact Incommunities' sustainability team at: Sustainability.Team@incommunities.co.uk