Managing money

There are lots of different ways to manage your money and stay on top of your spending. Different things work for different people. 

We have specialist officers that can help you manage your money. We can also help by referring you to specialist debt, welfare and money advice services. 

Having a budget is a really useful way of seeing where your money is going and keeping on top of spending. 

Some people like to pay for things in cash so they can keep track of what they’re spending. This can be useful for some things, but paying bills in cash can be more difficult and time consuming.  

Bank accounts  

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Having a bank account and paying bills by Direct Debit is a great way of knowing how much money you need to cover the essentials each week or month. 

Most bank accounts offer an App or online banking so that you can help you can regularly look at how much money you have. 

If you don’t have a bank account and would like to set one up, we can help you open a free bank account by using your tenancy agreement as one of the proofs of ID you require. 

If you would like to look into other basic bank accounts, there is some useful info available on the Money Saving Expert website



Budgeting Budgeting is one useful way of staying on top of what you’re spending. Having a budget written down can help you see where your money is going each week or month.  A budget can also help you to feel in control of your spending. 

We can help you with budget planning and managing your money, but for anyone who would like to do it themselves there are lots of useful tools and information available online. 



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