Ending my tenancy

We're sorry to hear that you want to leave us. Please complete the form below and we will be in touch to confirm your identity and next steps.

Please note that if you have already terminated your tenancy with us in writing, you do not need to complete the form.

Information on ending someone else’s tenancy following bereavement is available here.

By completing and submitting the form you are accepting you have read and agree to the below requirements:-

I understand that by ending my tenancy I must:-

  • Vacate and return the keys to the property no later than the date I have agreed with Incommunities. This includes:- front and back door keys, meter keys, fobs, storage and outhouse keys.
  • Not leave any debt behind on my meters and will clear any outstanding debts before leaving the property.
  • If I do not hand in keys by the tenancy end date, Incommunities may issue proceedings in the County Court to recover possession of the property.
  • The date I have given to end my tenancy cannot be altered.
  • I have no right to remain in the property beyond the termination date specified. If I am unable to leave on the date my tenancy ends, I must inform Incommunities immediately.
  • Remaining in the property beyond my tenancy end date will result in a Use & Occupation charge being applied. This charge will be the equivalent of the current rent & service charge of the property.  I understand that this charge does not create or extend a tenancy or license between me and Incommunities.
  • Any belongings left in the property after the tenancy end date will be assumed to be of no value and will be disposed of by Incommunities and the cost will be re-charged to me.
  • If I do not hand the keys in by 12 noon on the Monday following the tenancy end date, I accept that Incommunities will change the locks at the property and I will be charged for this cost.
  • Ending my tenancy with Incommunities may affect my banding award from the local authority in future applications for re-housing.
  • I will not leave any other persons or animals residing in the property after I vacate.

If you have any questions about ending your tenancy or any of the information above, please contact Incommunities’ customer services team on 0330 175 9540 or enquiry@incommunities.co.uk.

Tenancy Termination Form

Note: Questions marked by * are mandatory

I agree that the details submitted may be used for the termination of my tenancy and related transactions


If you require any advice regarding re-housing following the ending of your tenancy you should contact Bradford Council Housing Options Team on 01274 435999 and/or visit www.bradfordhomes.org.uk in order to complete an application for housing.

For residents outside the Bradford District please refer to the Housing Options Team at your local authority.