Our Annual Report

Each year we produce our annual financial statements and value for money assessments which gives you information about how Incommunities has performed over the past year.

March 2023

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Our Complaints Performance 

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Learning from complaints April 2021 – March 2022

What have we done to implement learning from complaints?



Our actions

Complaint Management

In April 2021, we introduced a central complaints management team who are responsible for ensuring complainants are responded to within our policy timescales. In support of this all managers across the organisation were provided with complaints training.


Rescheduling arrangements for repairs

We reviewed our scheduling arrangements for repairs to ensure our customers were aware of dates that had to be rescheduled. Customers now receive a text message for all rescheduled jobs.


Reporting damp and mould

We are using equipment to help identify issues with damp more accurately and to help us to focus on delivering the right outcome for the customer.

Van stock improvements

We introduced a new system to improve access to the right materials/parts our workforce need to complete a repair on their first visit. This should reduce the need for a follow on visit.

Garages (incorrect and inconsistent information)

We are in the process of producing a garage strategy. As part of this we have undertaken a number of garage site inspections and have identified where policies/procedures are lacking. The production of the strategy will mean customers are given correct information at the time of their request.

Staff conduct

In order to remind staff of our Incommunities code of conduct, we have produced an Appearance, Behaviour and Communication (ABC) guide. Air fresheners have been distributed to all van drivers with the ABCs on as a reminder and the procedure has been shared across the organisation.

Customers not informed when bathroom/kitchen works are being undertaken

We have recommenced our planned programmed of works which includes bathrooms and kitchens. Customers will be informed of the dates as part of the scheduling process.