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We all know that energy bills and Council tax have increased over the last few years. If you’re struggling to cover the cost of these, you’re not alone – many people are in the same situation as you. 

Gas & electricity tips

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  • Keep on top of gas and electric meter readings, and giving the readings to your supplier so that you know what you’re spending. If you’re not sure how to read your meter, there are lots of helpful videos available.
  • A smart meter could help you to keep on top of your spending. Most gas and electricity suppliers are installing them free of charge, so get in touch with your supplier if you would like one installing. 
  • Even though gas and electric bills are high, it may still be worth seeing if you could reduce your bill by switching suppliers. You can check this by visiting the Uswitch website.
  • Using your heating effectively can help save you lots of money, there are some great tips and advice available, such as, if you wash your clothes on a lower temperature it could save you up to £20 per year

Council tax & water tips

Water tips

Yorkshire Water may be able to offer you a lower tariff, which would mean that your water bill could cost less. We can set this up on your behalf. 






Picture of a house Did you know that some people can receive a reduction on their council tax bill depending on their situation. In some cases people don’t even need to pay any council tax at all. It’s worth contacting your local council to see if you can get a discount. 


Are you in crisis? 

If you are going through a particularly challenging time in your life and need immediate, short-term support to heat your home and turn the lights on, we can help. 

Get in-touch with us as soon as possible and we will arrange some short-term energy top ups.  

Phone 0330 175 9540

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