Our Strategy

Our priorities and two-year plan

We’ve outlined our big priorities for 2022-2024 to ensure everything and everyone at Incommunities is focused on achieving our goals. Our plan starts with getting back to basics and ensuring permanent change is built on strong foundations.

Our big priorities

Our big priorities chart

Our two-year goals

  • Our customers are at the heart of our business, we understand their needs and aspiration and tailor our services and support to communities to reflect these
  • Through partnerships we deliver thriving and sustainable neighbourhoods and communities
  • Our in-house repairs and estates services deliver services our customers love at a market competitive price

Assets & Place

  • Our customers feel safe in their homes and communities
  • Our homes and neighbourhoods are places our customers are proud to live in
  • We will lower the impact that our homes, customers, and services have on the environment

Finance & Governance

  • We are financially strong, resilient and agile
  • Our business is supported by an ethos and framework of excellence governance

People, Culture & Change

  • We are a high performing organisation with the right capabilities, structures and ways of working across our leaders and colleagues
  • We have clear organisational values and expected behaviours that support our strategy and culture
  • We deliver a great employee experience where our employees feel heard and valued
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion are at the centre of our culture and how we operate
  • We are high performing – achieving competitive KPI and delivery targets
  • Our systems and data keep us safe and support our aspirations

Development and Growth

  • We are a strong and attractive partner in the region, delivering innovative solutions to the housing and climate crisis
  • We are an established development, sales, and marketing team who have achieved two-year growth targets with a track record of delivery, becoming development partner of choice in the region by March 2024

Download a copy of our two-year plan