Water Meters and Smart Meters

All about water

Water bills are either fixed annually or metered according to your use. Find out more about the best option for you and how to get support in paying the bills;

  • WaterSure Scheme - Using water for medical reasons
  • WaterSupport - Low income and high water bills
  • Community Trust - What to do when in water arrears
  • Resolve Scheme - If you’re struggling to pay water bills and are receiving a state benefit.  To find out more and to apply call 0345 1 299299
  • Water Direct Scheme - Help when on income based benefits
  • Water Meters - Yorkshire Water


Use Yorkshire Water’s online water calculator to see if you can save money by changing to a water meter: www.savewatersavemoney.co.uk/water-calculator.

Follow these tips to save water at home:

  • Save £5 per person on fuel and water bills by taking a shower rather than a bath
  • Save £6 and over 6 litres of water per minute by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth
  • Save £15 by turning down your washing machine to a 30 degree wash and only ever washing a full load

Find more water saving tips and order your free water saving pack online at www.yorkshirewater.com/savewater

Thought about a smart meter?

Energy companies are rolling out smart meters over the next four years to replace traditional gas and electricity meters.

These new devices measure and display how much energy you use in in your home and automatically send readings to your suppliers.

It means the end to estimated bills and people coming into your home to take readings. With a smart meter you can also better see how much energy you are using.

Every household in the UK will be offered free installation of a smart meter and handset and your supplier will be in touch about when they will be coming to your area. It is your choice whether you want one fitted or not.

The new meters are widely seen as a good way of keeping track of your energy usage and according to the UK Department for Energy and Climate Change you could save an estimated £26 per year.

For more information visit www.smartenergygb.org