Get Involved

customers in the quays We care about your views and are committed to listening to our customers. There are lots of ways you can get involved and help shape our services. These include:-

  • becoming a customer inspector
  • joining a customer panel
  • taking part in estate walkabouts
  • volunteering to take part in focus groups and surveys about our services
  • setting up a residents group where you live

If you are interested in getting involved please contact our Policy and Performance Team on 0330 175 9540 or email

Community Trust Panel (CTP)

This resident led panel plays a very important role on behalf of customers in scrutinising how our different services are performing and asking our Customer Inspectors to look in more detail at any areas they are concerned about.

The panel also influences the content of policies that affect customers and checks that housing services are delivered fairly. The CTP is made up of tenants and independent members and have direct links to our boards.

Customer Inspectors

This group of residents are trained to inspect the services we provide. They check our work to ensure high standards and report back on their findings.  Action plans are then put in place to improve the service we give to customers based on their findings.

Block and Grounds Maintenance Inspectors

Block Inspectors inspect the standards of cleaning within our blocks and external communal areas. Grounds Maintenance Inspectors look at our standards of grounds maintenance works within our sheltered and open planned areas. They complete independent audits which are then scored against our service standards to show how we are performing.

Setting up a tenant and residents group

We are keen to see local people join together to improve where they live. Some groups might want to focus on running their own community activities are working together to improve the area around their homes.

We can help groups access small grants to get starting and sometimes run events. If you would like advice on forming your own group please contact our Community Resilience Team on 01274 257884

One off consultations 

We hold consultation events from time to time to consult on other changes to the service. This may be through focus groups, individual resident consultation or through surveys.

Satisfaction surveys

Many customers don’t want to attend meetings but are happy to give their feedback through surveys. We carry out surveys through:

  • Telephone calls
  • Text message
  • Online through the website or email
  • Paper surveys

What we will offer you

Getting involved is a great opportunity to make a difference. We will do all we can to make sure you can get involved with anything that interests you including:

  • Providing high quality training. 
  • Covering your reasonable expenses, including childcare and travel (prior notice is needed beforehand)
  • Hold meetings at accessible venues and find other ways to overcome obstacles that may prevent residents from getting involved.


Customer Voice Strategy 2019 - 2024

View our Customer Voice Strategy 2019 to 2024 here.