Customer Voice

How you can get involved

Every voice counts, no matter how it is communicated.

We want to give all our customers a voice, so that you can have your say and help make positive changes to the services and homes provided by Incommunities.

What’s this all about? We want you to tell us what you think of the services and homes that Incommunities provide, and how they could be improved.

As customers you are the people with experiences and knowledge of our services – you know best. We want you to share this with us, it will help us to make changes and improvements to the way we manage homes and neighbourhoods.

We want to make it as simple as possible for you to speak to us. It could be via text message, phone call, online surveys, virtual meetings or you may want to meet in person – you can choose.

How often do you want to hear from us? As little or often as you like, it’s totally up to you.


Get involved as little or often as you like. 

Here are all the different ways that you can get involved

Level 1
Less is more!
If you don't have a lot of time to spare, you can still make a difference!
  • Short surveys
  • Quick phone calls for your thoughts and feedback
Level 2
Bit of this, bit of that!
If you have a bit more time to spare, we have lots of exciting things you might like to be involved with:
  • Mystery shopping
  • Focus groups
Level 3
All in!
If you have more time to spare, you could team up with us to be in the voice of our customers and lead real change!
  • Scrutiny of our services
  • Customer inspections
  • Policy reviews

Frequently asked questions

What is the aim?

  • We want to offer you flexible ways to get involved with us.
  • We want to gather thoughts from as many different customers as possible using lots of different ways of communicating.
  • We want to work in partnership with you to create and design services and information that are useful and meaningful for all customers.
  • You can tell us what you expect from us, and we can set expectations and standards that are influenced by your feedback.
  • We’ll let you know that your voice is being heard and tell you how it’s helping us to improve.

Who takes part in the Customer Voice Initiative?

As customers, you are at the heart of Incommunities, we want to hear from you, we want to work with you to make continuous and meaningful improvements to our services.

Every voice is important.

Whether you’re a new or longstanding customer, living is sheltered accommodation or any other type of home. Everyone is welcome to share their thoughts and get involved.

How will it work?

We want to hear from you about suggestions for improvements to our services, issues that affect you and you and your community.

You can be involved with us little or as often as you like.

It can be structured or informal.

How will we communicate?

Face-to-face, over the phone, via text message, email, online surveys, and virtual meetings – however you like.

Some people have very little time available, and they may only have one point that they want to raise with Incommunities. That’s fine.

You may want to give us slightly more regular feedback, but only related to one specific area of our service. That’s fine too.

Or you could give us regular feedback about lots of areas of our service.

You may want to get really involved, engaging with us about our services in a regular, structured way. There may also be a chance to share your experiences and knowledge with our Customer Experience Committee.

What do customers get out of the involvement?

The opportunity to be involved with improving your home and community.

  • The chance to use your skills, knowledge and experience to make a difference in your community.
  • Take advantage of training to build your skills and knowledge.
  • Give your feedback on the quality of our services and homes, compare our performance with others and hold us to account.
  • Chance to review insights and reports so you can judge Incommunities’ performance on landlord services and issues that affect them and the wider community.

Your voice will be heard, and we will tell you what changes we have made as a result of your involvement.