Community Engagement

Customer drop-ins

Our Customer Resilience Team lead on community events and customer engagement.

Support with resident groups and applying for grants and funding is also available.

To find out more about the drop-ins and how our Customer Resilience Team work in local communities, contact either Pam or Sarfraz: 

Pam Chahal-Royal

mob: 07983 917 362



Sarfraz Gulzar

M: 07944 669 405


Customer Engagement Sessions

Why are we holding this customer engagement session? 

The Regulator of Social Housing is revising its consumer standards. We previously held consultations in September looking at whether the proposed standards set out the right expectations for landlords. We would now like your help in making sure that we are compliant in meeting these proposed new standards.    

The session will be spent looking at how we meet the proposed standards with the way we provide our services. We would like you to spend time within your groups, and with a member of the Customer Voice team to support, to consider if we have put the right things in place to ensure we meet the requirements of the proposed standards.  

The standards are to ensure landlords are accountable for providing safe homes, quality of services and treating customers with respect. We expect them to come into effect from April 2024. 

The four new proposed standards are:  

  • Neighbourhood and Community Standard  
  • Tenancy Standard  
  • Safety and Quality Standard  
  • Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard  

What will we be doing in the session? 

During the session we will look at the breakdown of the proposed standard and whether we are compliant in each area. We welcome your suggestions for improvements in meeting the proposed standards. 

There will be a representative from the relevant department, as well as the Customer Voice Team, to answer any questions. 


What will you get out of this session?  

This is a fantastic opportunity to have your say and help identify the things you think we do well and things where we can improve. 

The dates for each session are: 

  • Neighbourhood and Community Standard - 6th November -9:30-13:00 
  • Safety and Quality Standard -7th November - 9:30-13:00 
  • Tenancy Standard -8th November - 9:30-13:00 
  • Transparency, Influence and Accountability Standard - 9th November -9:30-13:00 

Customers are currently invited to choose one of the 4 sessions they would like to attend. Should more spaces become available, you may express your interest in attending more than one session. 

If you need any further information?   

Lily & Sarees, who are our Customer Insight and engagement assistants, will be more than happy to answer your questions.  

Email: /  

Call or text: Lily – 07393 466961 or Sarees – 07393 269383