Land for Sale or Rent

We are not currently able to accept and process any new land applications.

We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause and will let you know when we are able to resume this service. 

You may want to buy or rent land from Incommunities for a specific purpose such as garden land or driveway or apply for long-term right to use the land for a specific purpose (easement).

If you wish to buy or rent land from Incommunities you need to write to us using the form below. You should identify the land provide details of what you want to use the land for. We recommend that you enclose a plan or sketch drawing of the area. Your application should be submitted to:


Leasehold & Commercial Property Management
The Quays
Victoria Street
West Yorkshire
BD17 7BN

Click link to download a Land application form V3 for an application to purchase or obtain a licence to occupy an area of land.

Application to Purchase Land

Upon receipt of the completed form above and payment of administration fee (£180 including VAT) your application will be considered. There are numerous types of land that Incommunities does not wish to sell and it will usually be necessary to consult with other relevant departments and affected parties. Where Incommunities agrees in principle to the request to purchase, it will be valued and approval sought from Incommunities' management, Boards and other relevant bodies. Following receipt of necessary consent to sell terms will be issued. Please note that the administration fee is non-returnable, should the application not be agreed for any reason.

As well as the administration fee and the cost of the land, if the value of the sale is £3000 or more you may need to pay a surveyors’ fee (currently a minimum of £175 plus VAT) for the valuation and other necessary work. You will also need to pay Incommunities legal fees incurred in drawing up the legal documents (£400 including VAT)

Application to Rent (licences)

If you would like to rent a piece of land, Incommunities will consider entering into a licence agreement. This can also be an option instead of land purchase. A  licence does not provide a legal interest in the land, but gives you the right to occupy it, usually on a short-term or annual basis, paying a licence fee annually. The arrangement can be terminated either by yourself or Incommunities. The amount of the fee is calculated by Incommunities and is usually dependant on the type of use and the size of land.

The process for issuing a licence to use land is the same as that for buying land. The administration fee is £180 including vat however there is no further valuation fee and the cost of Incommunities legal fees are £120 including vat.

You can contact us about land for sale or rent