Data Ethics Statement and Principles​

"At Incommunities we want to support and improve lives. We use data to understand how the homes and services we provide are performing but also the impact they have on individuals and communities. We are committed to ensuring all our data usage is justified and ethical. This commitment involves being fair and inclusive in our statements of fact and being accountable for our decisions. Taking steps to not discriminate or hinder or minimise bias to those with protected characteristics or from different social and demographic backgrounds."

Six key principles for responsible data​

Six key principles for responsible data​


We are accountable for the actions and decisions made from data both through analysis and system / models. Data analysis and modelling will be audited and reviewed on a routine basis.​


When partnering or designing AI systems and data analysis, we will seek to be inclusive and consider all protected characteristics and experiences to support​ its understanding and recognise potential barriers. ​

​Reliability & safety 

We will carefully test and continue to monitor and track data models' performance to ensure it continues to perform as expected.​


We will have measures in place to ensure the decisions from data don’t discriminate against, or express a bias toward, a group or individual based on their protected characteristics.​


We will detail analyse assumptions and model design in the aim to achieve transparency to support user’s understanding and on-going support. ​

​Privacy and security 

The privacy and security of individuals personal data is of the highest priority. We will only process data in line with the Data Protection Act. Where required and appropriate, data will be anonymised, and a data owner identified to protect the data contained in analysis or AI systems / models. ​