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Electric Vans Boost Our Fleet's Sustainability

10 months after swapping three of our standard diesel vans for electric models, it’s positive news all around about their performance. 

When the time came for us to upgrade some of the vehicles that we use to maintain our homes and communities, we made the conscious decision to consider the environmental impact of our vans. 

We worked closely with Bradford Council to understand the requirements of the Clean Air Zone and as a result, we swapped three vans in the new fleet for Renault Kangoo Maxi E-Tech 44KWH vans – a much greener alternative greener alternative.  

Sustainability Officer Paul Forrester said, “We have a fleet of 323 diesel vans. The fleet's carbon dioxide emissions are the single biggest source of greenhouse gases from our day-to-day operational work. 

“By replacing three diesel vans with electric alternatives, we can cut that CO2 load by about 2 tonnes a year. 

“Cutting our exhaust fumes is much better for the health of our teams and the people who live in our neighbourhoods, too. 

“It’s not just the environmental saving; running electric vehicles also saves us money. From the three vehicles that we have, we’ve already saved a substantial amount on fuel costs in the past 10 months.” 

Photo of our new electric vans with incommunities staff Anthony Ullah, Luke Colman and Jonathan Cullearn

Anthony Ullah,  Luke Colman and Jonathan Cullearn

It’s more positive news from the estates services team who drive the vehicles, as they said that the vans run smoothly and they can get approximately 130 miles from one charge – so simple to manage too. 

With such glowing reports, hopefully, it won’t be long until we can add more electric vehicles to our fleet. Watch this space… 

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