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Tree Survey starting in March 2024

Over the next few months we’ll be carrying out a survey of all the trees on our land. 

Trees can pose significant hazards if left unchecked. Dead branches, weaknesses, and disease can lead to branches and trees falling, damaging property and injuring people. 

Surveys, like the one that we’re doing, allow us to spot any weakness in the trees and mean that we can be proactive, doing things like pruning, cabling, or even removing trees so that we can protect your loved ones and your home. 

We own thousands of trees throughout the Bradford district. Lots of these trees are in shared spaces along roads and in gardens. 

Due to scale of the work, we have formed a partnership with tree specialist Glendale Countryside, who will be doing the survey on our behalf.  

Glendale Countryside Tree Inspectors will always carry Identification cards and will usually be wearing a high visibility jacket. They will also be carrying a letter from us explaining about the work they are doing and providing contact details, in case you want to confirm their identity with us.  

The survey will provide us with a professional assessment, giving us all peace of mind and confidence in the safety and longevity of the trees in your community.  

We have prepared some Frequently Asked Questions about the tree survey. But if you still have questions about this work, please call us on 01274 257990

Tree survey FAQs 

  • Why are you doing a tree survey? 
    Incommunities is working in partnership with Glendale Countryside to carry out a survey of all the trees on our land. By having a record of all the trees and their condition we can protect you and your home from any damage that could be caused by trees.  
  • Is Glendale Countryside an approved contractor for Incommunities? 
    Yes, Glendale is an approved tree survey contractor. They are specialists in this type of work, that’s why we have asked them to carry out the survey on our behalf.  
  • How will I know if it is a Glendale Countryside employee? 
    Glendale surveyors will be wearing hi visibility jackets. They will carry photographic identification and will also have a letter from us explaining the reason for their visit. To check they are an approved member of the staff you can ask to see both of these.  
  • What areas will be surveyed? 
    Firstly, Glendale will be surveying trees which are growing on shared areas of land.  
  • What if a tree in my garden needs some work? 
    If there is a dangerous tree in your open space/garden, the surveyor let us know and we will contact you to organise for the essential work to be carried out.  
  • Who do I contact regarding tree survey issues? 
    Please contact our estate admin support service on 01274 257990. The team will be able to check and verify for you. 
  • What will happen if a tree needs to be removed? 
    Trees will only be taken down if absolutely necessary. Trees have an important part to play in our environment and are a valuable natural resource. We will maintain and manage trees in line with our sustainability plan.  
  • How long will it take for the work on the trees to be done?  
    It will depend on the severity of the issue with the tree.  


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