Social Media Comments Statement

As Incommunities social media channels are public, we encourage and welcome your comments and images on our social media channels and online profiles, and these are visible to anyone visiting the accounts. 

Please note that the views expressed in comments and replies on our social media accounts are the opinions of the individuals who posted them, and they do not reflect the official policy of Incommunities. 

If you have a complaint or need to speak to us, please visit our website or contact us at 0330 175 9540 8am- 6pm (emergency repairs service available 24/7). For media enquiries please email 

Anything you post on our social media accounts, including responses to our posts, is also subject to the policies of hosting platforms like Facebook, Twitter, or YouTube.  

To protect your privacy and the privacy of others, avoid including personal or confidential information in your comments or responses.  

Incommunities reserves the right to remove any content (such as comments, pictures and videos) that Incommunities in its sole discretion considers does or may:  

  • Make false or libelous statement about any person. 
  • Make factually incorrect, false or misleading statement. 
  • Pose a security or privacy risk.  
  • Contain confidential information about yourself or someone else.  
  • Refer to Incommunities employees by name.  
  • be spam or commercial advertising.  
  • be unlawful, abusive, or threatening.  
  • cause nuisance, harassment, alarm or distress. 
  • be obscene, sexually suggestive, or profane.  
  • be racist, homophobic, transphobic, ageist, or sexist, or is perceived as offensive to any group.  
  • Infringe intellectual property or copyright law.  
  • Consist of persistent, irrelevant, negative, and/or abusive posts (spam and off-topic content).  
  • Is otherwise deemed unlawful, offensive or inappropriate for this page.  

Repeated violations of these rules may result in your account being blocked from our social media accounts, and in serious cases, we may report a post to the police.  Serious breaches may be a breach of Incommunities Anti-social behaviour policy.  Incommunities may also take appropriate legal action to prevent breach of this policy.   

Your comments on our social media channels won’t affect or influence the service that you receive from Incommunities, unless the comments raises concerns about the safety of Incommunities staff, customers or others people who may be affected on its estates.  Our service will always be in line with our core values.

Incommunities does not guarantee the accuracy of information and links posted by individuals on our social media accounts and disclaims liability for any loss or damage resulting from relying on such information.  

Incommunities will periodically share information about local charities, community groups, events and fundraising if it is appropriate to our audience. 

Only authorised Incommunities employees acting in their official capacity can administer our social media accounts. 

Incommunities reserves the right to remove the comments functionality at any time if it is being misused.  

If you have any questions about the above policy or need to report a comment, please contact us at