Financial Difficulties

We know that sometimes circumstances can change. If you're struggling to pay your rent, call us on 01274 257777 straight away.

If you don't pay your rent you could lose your home, so it is important that you speak to us.

We have a dedicated team providing a range of services that can be provided at a time and location that best suits you; telephone, over the web or face to face in your home or our office.  We can help you with the following:

Increasing earnings through work

In partnership with Bradford Council and the DWP we run a range of employability and training projects that can help you get into paid work. Although this is a partnership you can talk to us in confidence about any help you might need.

We also run training courses and events to help you gain skills and experience that will assist you in the work place. 

Managing your money and debt

By talking to us, we will understand what you need and will refer you to a service that can help you. 

We have specialist Officers that can help you manage your money by going through your income and expenditure. We can also help by referring you to specialist debt, welfare and money advice services throughout the District. You can also check your benefit entitlement.

We offer practical help and support in helping you maintain rent payments.

When you call us, or if we call you, a colleague from our Income Team will discuss your finances and we will see how we can help. We may ask you how much money you have coming in or going out each month. If you ever fall behind with your rent, don’t ignore it – although it can be a difficult and stressful situation, we can work with you to try and help.

Where else can I find help?

We work with the local council, support services and agencies across the district.   You can also get help and advice from agencies such as such as:

We have a host of help and information on managing your money on our money matters pages including getting help with any debts, money saving tips and how to open a bank account.