Repairs Policy

The repairs policy was created to make sure we provide a repairs service that focuses on customers like you and gets repairs done on time. This helps us keep your home in good condition.

This page should hopefully give you an overview of the key points covered in the policy. If you would like a full understanding,  

Download the full Responsive Repairs Policy

Aim of the policy

We must ensure that customers are treated fairly, and with respect. We will make sure that an equal and inclusive service is available to all customers. This takes into account customers who may have changing circumstances and increased vulnerabilities. We want customers to be clear on how they can report a repair when they can expect their repair to be completed, and what their responsibilities are to maintain their home. We will provide a cost-effective repairs and maintenance service that offers choice and responds to the needs of our customers. We aim to complete repairs right the first time that we visit a customer’s home. We will make sure that our contractors are appropriately skilled and qualified. We must have a measure for our expected performance standards and performance management based on these measures.

Reporting repairs

We want customers to be clear on how to report a repair:

PhoneBy telephone - 0330 175 9540
EmailBy email –
In person In-person with any Incommunities staff member

Timings of callouts and work

Customers should be clear on how we then classify a repair and what the timings are for each:

  • Emergency – made safe within a maximum of 24 hours. (Additional appointments may be required)
  • Routine – completed within 20 working days.
  • Unplanned Major Works – completed within 40 working days.

For vulnerable customers we may need to adjust response times, this is reviewed on a case-by-case basis


We want everyone to be clear about what Incommunities is responsible for and what customers are responsible for themselves – it’s a partnership after all.

Customers are responsible for: Reporting repairs, allowing access keeping their home and gardens in good condition keeping on top of minor repairs. reporting criminal damage to the police

Incommunities is responsible for: The building structure The fixtures for electricity, gas and water The communal areas of buildings (corridors and shared gardens)

Service, what you can expect

Companies working on our behalf will have to prove that they are experienced and deliver a customer-focused service with materials that meet our standards.

When working in our customer’s homes, our operatives and contractors will:

Display their ID badge. Treat you and your home with respect. Leave your home secure and weather- tight, with gas, electricity and plumbing all working at the end of each day, wherever possible. Where possible, “Make good” any decoration affected during the repair. Provide guidance, information, and advice to customers to avoid anyone being exposed to asbestos.

Who does this policy apply to?

This policy applies to customers who rent a home owned or managed by Incommunities.

There are exceptions for Leasehold and Shared Ownership customers, and this is explained within the full policy under section 2. Scope.

New homes less than 12 months or 24 months old (during their Defect Liability Period) and Market Rent homes may have different contract arrangements than stated in this policy as detailed in the Home User Guide.

Terms set out in individual tenancy and leasehold agreements take precedence over the statements in this policy.

This page should hopefully give you an overview of the key points covered in the policy. If you would like a full understanding, Download the full Responsive Repairs Policy.