Emergency repairs

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We will carry out emergency repairs within a maximum of 24 hours. These are repairs that pose a high risk to your health and safety such as burst pipes, gas leaks, blocked drains, and loss of power to the whole of your home.

We recognise that elderly and customers with vulnerabilities may need special consideration.

Repairs Hotline: 0330 175 9540


Routine repairs

These are any repairs that may cause an inconvenience but are not likely to cause an immediate risk to health and safety, or your home. Routine repairs may be prioritised depending on each person the individual needs.

We aim to complete routine repairs within 20 working days.

Unplanned major works

These are complex, larger repairs that may require specialist materials or can be delivered more efficiently if they are batched together with other large-scale repairs. For example, the replacement of window frames or the full replacement of staircases.

We aim to complete unplanned major works within 40 working days.

Reporting repairs

We want customers to be clear on how to report a repair:

Phone By telephone - 0330 175 9540
Email By email – repairs.hotline@incommunities.co.uk
In person  In-person with any Incommunities staff member