Emergency Repairs

We will carry out emergency repairs within 24 hours. These are repairs that pose a high risk to your health and safety such as burst pipes, gas leaks, blocked drains, and loss of power to the whole of your home.

We recognise that elderly and customers with vulnerabilities may need special consideration.


Repairs Hotline: 0330 175 9540

Repair Icon
  • Repair priorities 

Incommunities sets targets for completing repairs – depending on the type of repair and/or the customers' circumstances.

  • Urgent repairs

These are repairs that affect the customer’s comfort or convenience.

They include having no hot water, a loss of heating and lighting in part of your home or a roof leak.

We will carry these out within seven days.

  • Routine repairs

These are classed as minor repairs or maintenance issues which do not present a serious discomfort or inconvenience to most customers such as fixing a faulty tap or minor leak.