Anti-social behaviour support

As well as the support that we can offer you at Incommunities,  there are local and national organisations and groups who can provide support for lots of different kinds of ASB issues.  



dangerous dog


If you fear for your or others’ safety because of a dangerous dog, contact the police immediately. 

‘Fly grazing’ is when horses are left on land to graze without the permission of the landowner. You can report fly grazing on Incommunities’ land to our customer services team, or your local authority if on public land. 

If you have concerns about animal welfare because of cruellty or neglect, please contact the RSPCA. 


Criminal behaviour

Criminal behaviour

If what you are experiencing is also criminal behaviour and an emergency, call the Police on 999. If it’s not an emergency, call 101.

Lots of anti-social behaviour – such as violence, theft or harassment – is a criminal act and should also be reported to the Police. 





Cuckooing is when a drug dealer or a gang takes over an address for criminal purposes, usually as a place to supply, store or produce drugs. Gangs will often exploit a vulnerable person and use their property for criminal activity to try and avoid police detection. 

If you know someone who is being cuckooed, contact the police. If you are a victim of cuckooing, support is available – please tell us, the Police, or a friend or family member. 



Drug Dealing

Drug use and dealing 

Once drug use and dealing has been reported to the police, please contact us with the details of the incident and a police incident number. If it’s not an emergency, call 101 or report online to your local force.


We can then decide what action is to be taken by us.   





Dumping waste is a serious offence which can involve fixed penalty fines and even imprisonment. To report fly tipped waste on public land, please contact your local authority. Residents in Bradford can report flytipping on public land online here. 

For fly tipping on Incommunities land, or in one of our properties, please get in touch with our customer services team on 0330 175 9540. 


Hate Crime

Hate crime

Hate crime is criminal behaviour motivated by hostility to a victim’s age, gender, disability, race, religion, sexual orientation, transgender identity, or subculture and should be reported to the Police. 

Depending on where you live there are different ways to report hate crime: 



Whilst we would not count noises such as footsteps, doors closing, children playing and dogs occasionally barking as ASB, we know that excessive noise can be distressing. We would expect you to speak to your neighbour first before contacting us. 

The free Noise App is an easy way to record and report noise incidents to us. The app is available for iOS and Android phones and tablets, and we can use these recordings as evidence. 



If parking issues are on a public road and cannot be resolved after speaking with your neighbour, please report this to your local authority. Abandoned vehicles should also be reported to your local authority, and Incommunities if on our land or related to one of our properties. 

Report anti-social behaviour 

To report anti-social behaviour to Incommunities, call us on 0330 175 9540. 

The UK government has published a guide on support available for social housing tenants experiencing anti-social behaviour