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Protecting you and your home in strong winds

The strong winds that we’re experiencing across Yorkshire are expected to continue today. Here are some tips from the Met Office of how you can protect you and your home.

Although the worst of the wind is forecast to die down after today, strong gusts are expected to continue into the middle of this week.

If you experience any damage to your home, please report it to the contact centre on 0330 175 9540.

We will do our best to get to your home as soon as possible to repair the problem. Any roof or guttering repairs will take place once the winds have died down, as the team can’t work on roofs during the wind.

As we have had so much stormy weather over the last few months, our teams are working 7-days a week on the high number of emergencies repairs caused by the wind. We will be prioritising our most vulnerable customers, as we reduce our workloads back to normal levels.

Please stay safe during the strong winds and continue to call us if you have any issues to report.

Call: 0330 175 9540 8am-6pm Monday to Friday (emergency repairs service available 24/7)


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