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Research Surveys

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At Incommunities, we are always working to improve our services and to do this we need your thoughts. 

We have employed IFF Research, an independent customer research specialist, to carry out surveys regarding our repairs on our behalf.

You may receive a phone call, email or text from them, asking about the repair service we provide. It would be very helpful to us if you could take the time to answer the questions to enable us to shape our services going forwards.

You may have some questions regarding the surveys, so please see our frequently asked questions below which we hope will answer your query.


Why are you carrying out this research into repairs satisfaction?

We value your opinion. To help further understand more about the needs of our customers and whether the service we are providing is meeting their needs, we are using a specialist independent market research agency IFF Research.


Who is research agency IFF?

IFF Research is an independent social and market research agency with a reputation for delivering high quality and high impact research. They provide a full range of research services from a single site in London, across a wide number of sectors, specialising within the social housing sector.   


Who will call me?

IFF Research will undertake the survey on our behalf and any calls will come via 02031487719. To give you flexibility on when you can take part they call between 9am-8pm Monday – Friday and between 11am-4pm on Saturday.


What will IFF Research ask me?

They will ask for your opinions on the repairs service that we provide and may check that your contact details are up to date.


Will my answers be confidential?

They will keep your responses completely confidential and if you prefer completely anonymous, however if there are any questions which you would prefer not to answer please let the caller know.


How long will the conversation take?
The conversations are usually very short to allow you to reduce disruption to your day. However, it is your opportunity to share your opinions so this can be dictated by you.


I have had a repair completed but have not been contacted, why not?

We only contact a sample of our customers (enough to make sure that the data is reliable), so you may not be contacted every time. 


I do not want to take part in surveys

That is completely fine.  When a repair is booked, the person taking the call will ask if you would like to be considered to take part in a survey after the repair is completed. You can decline at this point.

If you say yes and later change your mind, don’t worry. When the person calls you to start the survey, they will always check that you are happy to take part. If you would prefer not to, just let the caller know and we will make sure that we remove you from our contact list.


How do we keep your data and Information secure?

All of your information is held securely in line with current data protection legislation and controlled by Incommunities.

IFF Research only have access to the information they need to carry out the survey. We will advise IFF Research which service we want them to ask about, for example, our current repairs satisfaction survey.

IFF Research act as our agent and our contract with them includes data protection clauses. These clauses prevent them from sharing your details with anyone else and only allow them to use your information for the purposes of contacting you and finding out your views on our services.

They do not own that information and they cannot use it for anything else.

IFF will keep survey data for up to one year to enable annual data reports to be published.

If you originally consented to surveys, but decide when contacted by IFF that you do not wish to participate, IFF include a consent question at the end of each survey, which asks whether you consent to share identifying information with us. If you consent to this, your personal information will be securely shared, along with survey answers. However, if you do not give consent then your survey answers will be provided anonymously. 

Any customer who changes their mind and would like their survey to be removed, should contact the IFF research team on who will respond within 3 days to confirm that their survey has been permanently deleted. 

Please see the privacy notice on our website for general information on how we protect your privacy

Thank you for helping us to improve our service.

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