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Update on York House, 13th November 2023

In July 2022 we wrote to all residents of York House to share results of the customer consultation about the future of the building. The result was that the building was to be decommissioned (residents moved to new homes, and the building emptied).

The reasons for the decommissioning were:

  • Homes in York House became harder to let and less desirable
  • The homes are costly to heat and maintain.

Since the notice of the decommissioning, almost all of the residents who were living in York House have now moved to new homes. We are continuing to work closely with the leaseholder of the shop to find a suitable solution for their business.

We have considered many different options for the future of York House, but our intention is to demolish the building.

We have now applied to Bradford Council for permission to demolish York House. We hope to have all relevant approvals in place during spring 2024, to allow demolition works to begin, as leaving the structure in place can lead to anti-social behaviour and health & safety issues.

There is currently 24/7 security and CCTV at York House, and we will be adding further security measures in the coming weeks to ensure the building remains as secure as possible. We are also working with the Police and Fire Service to keep them updated and aware of any security issues that arise.

Our long-term intention for the land at York House is to explore options for the development of new affordable housing.

We are committed to investing in homes that meet the needs and aspirations of our customers and communities in the long term, by providing high quality, energy efficient homes that are truly affordable for local people.

Local people will be invited to give their feedback on any future development plans for the York House land.

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