Our leadership behaviours

We have also outlined the leadership values we expect, and how these align with our core values:

Customer commitment, at the heart of all we do

  • We deliver value through a customer/business/employee lens, considering the impact of all of these on our decisions
  • We must drive our teams to look at the whole customer experience end to end, as this is the only way we will improve
  • We will provide a clear vision that aligns all of our activity to customer impact – streamlining our processes
  • We are proactive and planned as we know that’s how we achieve our best work

Proud, of ourselves, our homes, our communities and all we do

  • We are performance driven, understand what is impacting this and take ownership for making improvements
  • We give clear direction so people know what is expected of them and set measurable goals
  • We interrogate what is happening now and make changes that make it better now and in the future
  • We empower people to make an impact and through their talents, passions and hard work

Working together, we succeed together

  • We seek and receive feedback openly and honestly
  • We take accountability for getting things done and work across teams to make this happen
  • We challenge to improve the service to our customer
  • We support each other through open, honest and meaningful relationships

Straightforward, we do what we say we will

  • We communicate clearly and make sure we provide clarity to our teams
  • We make the right decisions even if it is uncomfortable
  • We have high standards and encourage our people to do the same, valuing great work and tackling poor performance
  • We are clear what our actions are, the timescale and the impact they have

Inclusive, we value difference

  • We treat people with dignity, professionalism and respect
  • We challenge behaviours that are not appropriate
  • We are compassionate and embrace difference
  • We make sure our people feel safe and can bring their authentic selves to work every day